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Planning the catering for your party

Hog Roast Catering

Would you like your free range porchetta marinated hog roast
served into rolls or served with salads?
Our "Roast Hog Roll" is fondly known by some of our Antipodean customers as "The Beast". A 5" soft ciabatta roll filled with home-made bramley apple sauce, peppery roquette and juicy porchetta marinated hog roast pork topped with a couple of pieces of crispy crackling are big enough to be enjoyed for brunch and will keep the wolf from the door right through to night.

Hog roast, carved and served by our chef

If the hog is to be served on its own then perhaps you may want salads made by us or by yourself. One of our chefs will arrive and set up and begin to roast the hog at your venue or home. Again roasted to perfection for a period of 5/6 hours the hog is marinaded, roasted and carved and then served from a hot plate or carved straight from the roast hog to serve your guests.

If you would like to talk this through we would be delighted to assist you either way. Please feel free to call 07944 390309 anytime, or email us at info@roasthog.com .

… Tim Clements and Katie Turner started hog roasting 8 years ago. We now offer a wide range of spit roasts and bbq's.

Little did we know that it would lead to the adventures and delights we have experienced with the most recent honour of catering for Heston Blumenthal and the Fat Duck of Bray staff. As well as cooking for The Fat Duck, we have appeared on Gordon Ramsay's F-Word where we cooked a veal calf for Janet Street Porter's veal meal. To see us cooking the veal on the F Word click on "Gordon Ramsay's F-Word" the link above.

Background to Roast Hog and our catering

The Roast Hog team started offering spit roasts, hog roast and lamb roast catering and barbeques in 2004. In the early days we started Hog roasting and barbeques as a means to promote Portuguese food. Al fresco dining in Portugal is a way of life. As an importer of Portuguese food and having lived in Portugal, Tim Clements, has alot of experience of barbeque and spit roast cooking. In fact, part of what sets us apart from other hog roast caterers is the influence that the Portuguese element brings to our hog roast, lamb roast, chicken spit roasts and barbeques. The use of herbs and spices, extra virgin olive oil, appreciation of quality foods and the importance of quality bread and fresh ingredients in cooking are all important factors in Portuguese cuisine and of the Mediterranean diet. As we became known and recognised as good at what we do the more people asked us to cater for them and now catering the various spit roasts and barbeques that we can offer has become an integral part of who we are.

Over the last 8 years we have grown and expanded our business, supplying our services to many private clients for wedding and party catering and offering our delicious roasts to visitors at markets such as Broadway market in Hackney, Portobello road market, Partridges Food market on the Kings Road in Chelsea. Our first base, where we started, was in Clapham in 2004. As the original London hog roast we were innovative and extremely popular. Quickly other hog roasters appeared in London and now a hog roast at a London market is a must have for the market to be complete.

Wedding and Party Catering Weddings (click on weddings to go straight to our weddings page)

Our wedding package can be as simple or as fancy as you wish. Weddings are very special to us. Our experience has taught us that the day has to run hassle free and smooth. In order to do this we will sit down with you and prepare the itinerary for the day with timings, menu options and service all clearly laid out and planned. Sometimes couples have told us that after the first meeting with us they are at last actually looking forward to getting married.

Private Parties
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Private parties are always remembered when there is a hog roast as part of the feast.

Corporate events
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Customer service and our customers

With quality, excellent customer service, professionalism and versatility being the core of our business, we have catered for celebrities and famous chefs, and our hog roast is considered by many of our customers the best they have ever tasted.

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Lamb Roast Catering
Free range Somerset lambs roasted to perfection marinated with rosemary and garlic. To spit roast a lamb we allow 3 hours to cook the lamb and half an hour to rest to let the meat tenderise. The secret with a lamb is to keep the meat slightly pink. This will ensure the meat is juicy and tender and a complete delight for your guests.


Spit Roasted, marinated and carved by our chef
Our lamb roasts are a spectacle of spit roasting delight. The smell is delicious and the guests often come and see how things are getting on, asking to have a look at the lamb as it turns. Marinading in its own juices, our chef bastes the lamb with our secret recipe sauce of rosemary, garlic and spices in an extra virgin olive oil base. The lamb will take about 3 hours to cook and then the lamb is allowed to rest in order for the meat to tenderize. It is carved and the meat is held in bain maries (hot plates) to be served or carved straight from the lamb to your guests plate as the event requires.

Served into wraps

                   Free range lamb is spit roasted and marinated with a herb mixture of rosemary, garlic and spices in an extra virgin olive oil. Our chef carves the lamb and then serves it in a flat bread with a red currant jelly, minty yoghurt sauces on a bed of mixed salad. This is a scrummy delight and is great for smaller parties of 40 or 50 where a hog would not be appropriate, preferred or just simply too big.

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"Roast Hog Roll" - "The Beast"



Roquette and apple sauce

Serving a "Roast Hog Roll"

Spit Roast Chickens

"Pastel de Nata" Desserts and cakes

Set up at a Private Party

Mozarella, Tomato and Basil


Roast Hog Private Party Catering

Click play to see how we roast and serve our Blythburgh Hog Roasts and salads. Bom Apetite.